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Error report: Uploading images

If you’ve edited your WUSM Web Theme site recently, you may have had trouble uploading new images. If so, you are not alone. This is a known bug in WordPress, and a solution is in the works.

Why can’t I add photos? The bug may produce an “HTTP error” message like this one.

What is the issue?

When uploading a new media file such as a photo or pdf, the upload never completes and/or you get an “HTTP error” as seen in the screenshot above.

What should I do?

Unfortunately, an upload’s efficacy seems completely random, so the most you can do (until the bug is fixed) is practice patience and perseverance.

We’ve found that a file typically loads successfully after two or three attempts, and it may help to save and refresh the page between attempts. We recommend against throwing your computer out the window as this has not increased our success rate in carefully controlled trials.*

When will this be resolved?

Because the error is in WordPress and not the local theme, the WUSM Web Theme team cannot develop a fix internally. WordPress developers are currently working on a solution, and we expect an update soon.

*Such trials are fictitious and exist only in the fantasies of those who have experienced the error.

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