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Organize your news with categories and filters

Is your group a news-making machine? Do your site visitors need a way to cut through all those news posts and view a single topic of interest? Then we have an update for you!

Now you can include filters at the top of your news index page. The filters will appear automatically, in a dropdown menu, if you have created and populated news categories on your site. Any category that is populated (i.e. tagged) with at least one news post will appear in the dropdown.


The filter dropdown lists all of your news categories.

This all assumes, of course, that your site uses the News plugin, which is optional for sites built in the WUSM Web Theme. (Would the News plugin make your life easier? Send us a request to have it installed on your site.)

See the tutorial »
Includes instructions for categorizing (and de-categorizing) old posts

Deciding what your categories should be

When developing categories to use for your news posts, keep these guidelines in mind:

Audience: Who is visiting your site, and what kind of information are they looking for? Categories should be meaningful to these people. If you have “external” visitors who aren’t experts on School of Medicine lingo and acronyms, try to steer clear of those.

Bonus points if you get feedback from people in (or close to) your target audience! For example, current fellows can provide great insights into prospective fellows’ thought processes.

Concise: Try to keep category names short so they stay on one line in the dropdown menu. This will make it easier for people to scan their options. Ampersands (&) help too!

Quantity: Create enough to be useful, but not so many that visitors feel overwhelmed.

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