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New display option makes your homepage more compact

If your homepage includes optional content blocks such as recent news posts, upcoming calendar events or a Twitter feed, you may find that the static content at the top of your page –  i.e., your featured image and introduction – is pushing this great dynamic information out of sight. (If your homepage doesn’t include additional content blocks and you’d like to learn more about them, send us a note!)

Now you have the option to “condense” the information at the top of your page, so news, events and other content modules can appear higher on the page.

Homepage showing the default (“expanded“) view. The introduction and button appear below the featured image.

Homepage showing the condensed featured image and introduction. This option allows recent news to appear as high on the page as the introduction normally would.

The condensed view places a black or white overlay across the bottom of your featured image. The site introduction and button are contained within this overlay.

See the tutorial »
Describes how to edit your homepage options, including the featured image display

Try the condensed view if:

  • Your homepage includes additional content blocks, such as news, events, video or photos.
  • You have a clear business goal to promote. The short introduction works particularly well with a focused call to action, such as applying for a fellowship or calling to make an appointment.

Keep the expanded view if:

  • Your homepage content consists only of the featured image, introduction and button – e.g., no news, events or other content blocks.
  • Your featured image is smaller than 1440 pixels wide. The condensed view is available only for featured images sized as “full-screen.”
  • Your site introduction is longer than two lines. The condensed view requires a concise and focused introduction.
  • Your featured image shows faces or other important features that shouldn’t be covered. The condensed view lays a strip of text over the bottom of the featured image, and you don’t want it to hide anything important.

If you’d like to test this option but you don’t want to mess with a live site, remember that you can use your test site as a sandbox to stage and play with possible updates.

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