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Now you can show news images on your homepage

Do you have great images for your news posts? Now you can show them off on your homepage.

If you set a featured image for a news post, the image automatically appears in two places: At the top of the news post itself, and as a thumbnail on the main news index page.

Our latest update enables you to show the featured image on the homepage as well. (This assumes you’ve opted to show your three most recent news posts on the homepage. If you haven’t, learn how here.)

Three news posts showing thumbnail images above the post headline.

Showing images with your news posts can make your homepage more visually appealing and draw more attention to your news.

Showing news images on the homepage is an all-or-nothing option. For that reason, we recommend it only if you consistently have appealing featured images for your news posts. You also can choose to enable or disable this setting at any time.

See the tutorial »
Includes how to update news settings for your homepage

If you don’t add a featured image to a news post, a gray placeholder image will appear instead (see below). This placeholder appears only on the homepage; it will not appear on the news post itself. If you enable this option and find that your homepage consistently shows a sea of gray, you may want to revert to showing your news posts without an image.

Screenshot of news posts with default image in gray with shield

News posts that don’t have a featured image will display the placeholder shown in the center post above.

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