Hiring Freelancers or Vendors

During the process of planning and creating your website, your business goals may warrant additional assistance on any number of items, including custom programming, content strategy, writing, editing, project management, graphics creation or photography.

To aid you in selecting a vendor, WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications maintains a list of digital and creative agencies, freelancers and other vendors that are familiar with the School of Medicine’s mission, as well the mission of our affiliated hospital partners.

In some cases, use of an approved vendor is required. For others, including writing and photography, WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications is happy to provide recommendations, or you may hire a vendor independently if you prefer.

Use approved vendors for programming, design and strategy

The university’s marketing and communications teams have rigorously vetted many local agencies and consultants to identify vendors that produce quality work, understand the university’s reputation and branding guidelines, and respect the importance of information security in a HIPAA-compliant environment.

If you are considering using a vendor for your project, please contact WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications for assistance.

Approved vendor policy for WordPress sites (effective 9/15/15)

All School of Medicine-related websites hosted on Washington University’s WordPress servers must use the WUSM Web Theme.

Furthermore, these sites must be developed and supported by WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications or by an approved vendor working in cooperation with the marketing and communications team.

Any groups requiring design or functionalities beyond the standard WUSM Web Theme should work with WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications to select an approved vendor. Such groups are responsible for all expenses associated with customization of design or development for their site.

If you select an approved vendor to build your site in the WUSM Web Theme, WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications will share the theme files with your project lead after the vendor has been contracted.

WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications will contact you to discuss your project in detail and to assist with selecting a vendor that best meets the needs and goals of your project.

Use recommended vendors for writing, editing, photography, illustration and video

Content creation can be one of the most challenging steps in launching a new site. Whether your team needs help writing and organizing text or capturing images of your team in action, a freelancer can help you efficiently develop content that is professional and on-message.

WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications maintains a list of creative professionals who provide quality freelance services for groups throughout the medical center.

To request a recommendation for content creation services, please contact us at mpa@wustl.edu.

Website access for off-campus vendors

Two conditions may limit off-campus partners from accessing your WUSM Web Theme site.

  1. A WUSTL Key is required to log into any WUSM Web Theme site. Non-WashU team members, including contracted vendors and hospital partners, will need a WUSTL Key guest account. Please use the assistance request form to request a WUSTL Key guest account.
  2. To edit a test site, users must access the Internet through the Washington University Network (i.e., from a computer on a WashU campus). A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required to access a test site from off-campus locations. Please complete the assistance request form to request a VPN for off-campus vendors.

Many approved digital vendors already have the necessary credentials to access a WUSM Web Theme test site on the university’s WordPress servers. However, most vendors contracted to assist with loading content will require WUSTL Key and VPN access.

Please contact WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications (mpa@wusm.wustl.edu) if you have any questions about this process or hiring a vendor.