User Guide

These tutorials, guidelines and best practices for the web will help you become the proud owner of a site that’s built to make an impression.

WordPress tutorials

From creating new pages to adding social media links to your footer, these step-by-step tutorials will guide you through building and updating your site.

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Writing guide

Consult these resources to write content that’s easy to read on the web, optimized for Google and other search engines, and in step with Washington University styles for everything from listing people’s names to punctuating the time of day.

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Policies to include

Depending on your website and audience, you may need to add certain standard policies, such as the conflict of interest or patient privacy statement, to your website.

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Photo and graphic guidelines

Visuals dramatically affect your site’s appeal and tone. This guide can help you hire a photographer, plan a photoshoot, get headshots, use the right-sized images, avoid copyright violations and more.

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Video use and hosting

You can easily add videos hosted on YouTube to any page of your site. Follow these guidelines for selecting or shooting videos and uploading your videos to YouTube.

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Selecting your subdomain name / web address

Your website’s URL is its address on the web. Follow these guidelines to help users find (Links off-site to branding guide.)

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Requesting a shared email address

Your site footer and contact page should include a shared email address that represents your group (e.g.,, rather than an individual. Follow these guidelines if you need to create a new account. (Links off-site to branding guide.)

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Preparing for launch

As you’re wrapping up your site, use our checklist to get your site ready for final review.

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More help

If you’re looking for help with a topic not included here, or if you have a recommended update to this guide, please check our support resources.

For guidance with logo selection and usage, social media accounts, PowerPoint templates and more, see the School of Medicine branding practices.