Policies to Include

All sites using the WUSM Web Theme automatically include a link to the general policies for School of Medicine entities in the universal footer (found on the dark grey background at the bottom of each page).

In special cases as described below, your site should include direct links to School of Medicine policies. Linking directly to the school’s version of these policies – rather than adding the full policy text to your site – will ensure your site provides the most up-to-date version of the policy.

Add these policies to your site…

If your site includes links to third-party websites

A third-party website represents, is operated by and/or is managed by any entity that is not an official business unit of Washington University. Examples of third parties include partner hospitals, vendors, news outlets, professional organizations or societies, other universities or medical schools, personal websites or blogs, and commercial sites.

It is important for your site’s visitors to understand that Washington University does not control the content of third-party sites and does not imply endorsement of an organization, product or service to which your site links.

Although social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr are third-party websites, links to Washington University social media accounts from your site are approved for use and do not require the permission or policy statements described below.

What you need to do:

1. Get approval for links to third-party websites

Per the university’s domain policy, any links to third-party sites (i.e., sites that are not on the wustl.edu domain) should be approved by WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications.

Please send link approval requests to WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications (mpa@wusm.wustl.edu). Requests to include links to third-party sites will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if any real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest may be present.

An approved exception to this policy for School of Medicine sites – and for which site administrators do not need to obtain official permission from WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications – is the inclusion of links to social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter.

2. Place the links in appropriate, approved locations

If approved, any third-party links may not appear on your site’s home or primary pages, but instead must appear on a subordinate or secondary page of your site.

3. Link to the policy from your website

If your site links to third-party websites other than Barnes-Jewish Hospital (barnesjewish.org), St. Louis Children’s Hospital (stlouischildrens.org) or Washington University-related social media accounts, a link to the medical school’s Policy on Links to Third-Party Websites should be included on your site.

This link may be included as a disclaimer at the bottom of the page on which the link appears. Or, if several pages of your site include third-party links, or if other policies are required for your site as well, you may create a separate Policies page on your site. See the note below on adding a Policies page to your site footer.

Recommended language:
Washington University School of Medicine does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of information contained on websites of non-affiliated external sources. Read the School of Medicine’s Policy on Links to Third-Party Websites to learn more.

4. Include your group’s contact information on your site

Inclusion of third-party links on a Washington University website requires that contact information for that site be clear and accessible. If you are using the WUSM Web Theme, this contact information will be included in your site footer.

If your site includes a web form

Web forms, such as contact forms and inquiries, allow visitors to submit information online via your website. Including a form on your site requires a link to the School of Medicine Website Privacy Policy.

If your site has only one web form and no other required policies, you may link to the privacy policy from a disclaimer included at the bottom of the page with the form.

If your site requires multiple policies, you may includes links to all required policies on a separate Policies page. See the note below on adding a Policies page to your site footer.

Recommended language:
We value your privacy and take great care to follow trusted web standards in protecting any information submitted or collected during your visit to this website. Read the Website Privacy Policy for School of Medicine websites to learn more.

Linking to the privacy policy allows your site visitors to understand the online privacy practices of the School of Medicine and university.

If your group has social media accounts

If you have or are planning to launch social media accounts related to your group, it is important to provide access to the relevant policies both on your group’s website as well as via your social media account(s).

What you need to do:

1. On your website

Add a Policies page that includes links to the policies listed below. If your website also includes information about policies unrelated to social media, you can list all policies on the same page.

Required for all social media accounts:
Website Privacy Policy

Required for accounts related to clinical practice:
Conflict of Interest in Clinical Care

2. On your social media account profile

Include a link to your website in your account profile and, if space permits, also include a direct link to your site’s Policies page. Some social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, provide very little space for your profile description, in which case a separate link the Policies page is not necessary.

How to add a Policies page to your site footer

If your website content requires that you link to multiple policies, the most efficient way to include them is to create a separate Policies page on your site and link to it from the footer (see a Policies page example on the Fertility Center website). You have two options for adding the page to your footer:

  • If your site includes a footer menu (which is optional), list Policies in the footer menu.
  • If your site doesn’t have a footer menu, save Policies as a child page of About, and include a link to Policies in the footer link list.