Adding a Map

You can embed an interactive map with a single location on any page of your website (see example below). If your group has multiple locations, you can even include multiple maps on a single page (see example on Fertility Center site).

To add a map:

  1. In Google Maps, pull up the address
  2. From the options on the left, click “Share,” select “Embed Map,” then copy the code
  3. Go to the Embed Responsively website
  4. Select “Google Maps,” paste the code, then click “Embed”
  5. Copy the embed code
  6. Go to the page on your site where the map will be embedded
  7. Toggle from Visual to Text view (to edit the HTML)
  8. Paste the embed code where the map should appear
  9. Click “Preview” in the upper right (opens in new tab) to check your changes
  10. When the edits are ready to go live click “Update