Adding People / Bios

This tool is not included on all WUSM Web Theme websites. Submit a request to WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications to include a people directory on your site.

Use the Bios tool to create a directory, add biographies, link to profiles on the Physicians website and more. The tool has the flexibility to accommodate teams that are large or small. Teams can be made up of faculty, staff or a mix of the two.

The Bios tool consists of two content parts: 1) The directory page, on which links to all the profiles are listed (at minimum, this includes each person’s name and photo); and 2) The profile pages, which are the individual pages for each member of your team. The profile pages can include as much or as little information as you like, but you are encouraged to include the same level of detail for all team members.

Alternatively, instead of linking from the directory page to a person’s profile on your own site, you may link to a faculty or staff member’s profile on another Washington University website, such as the Physicians site or lab website (see step 3 below). Please be consistent with how profiles are linked to for all members of your team.

Prep photos before you begin

Size and save all of your headshots first so they are ready to upload:

  • Crop photos at approximately the same scale so everyone’s heads are roughly the same size when they are viewed on one page
  • Dimensions should be 290 x 400 pixels (any size, as small as 145 x 200, will work if necessary, as long as a 29 x 40 aspect ratio is maintained)
  • File size should be no larger than 100 KB
  • Recommended filename is lastname-firstname.jpg (eg, simpson-marge.jpg)
  • See instructions for sizing and saving photos for web »

Creating a new bio

Use an existing bio as a model. 
To make all of the bios on your site consistent, open an existing bio in a new window — in edit mode — and use it as a guide. From the dashboard click Bios, find a name to use as a model, then right click on the name and select Open Link in New Window.

To add a new bio:

  1. Go the WordPress admin dashboard; in the left menu, click Bios > Add New; or, from the top ribbon, click New > Bio

Every website uses bios differently. Guidelines for select fields are included below:

  1. Title: Full name; this field is for back-end/admin reference only, so you’ll have to enter the name again below
  2. External Link: Add a link here only if the bio should link to a profile on another website (such as a lab / department site or instead of a profile on your site
  3. Photo: Click set featured image on the right, then select the upload files tab (upper left); upload a headshot sized 290 x 400 pixels and no larger than 100 KB (it can be as small as 145 x 200 if necessary, as long as a 29 x 40 aspect ratio is maintained)
  4. Complete the fields for name, suffix, degrees, role/title and contact information; fields left blank will not appear in the profile
  5. Additional Information: The information you enter here will appear only on the main directory page, which is the list of bio “teasers” that link to the individual profiles. Its use varies by website and should be consistent for all bios on your site.
  6. Category (some sites may not use categories; if included, they are listed at the bottom of the page): Select as many categories as are relevant for each person.
    Pro tip: Categories may be used for filtering and to place sub-sets of the bios on different pages of the site. Contact WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications to set up categories.
  7. If your bios link to an external website (step 3), leave everything else blank and skip to step 9
    If you are creating full profiles on your site,
    click the remaining tabs at the top of the page to complete complete fields for education, research interests, awards, etc.; fields left blank will not appear in the profile
  8. Click the blue Publish (or Update) button at the top right; be sure to check your directory page to make sure everything appears correctly when you are done