Adding Calendar Events

This tool is not included on all WUSM Web Theme websites. If your group organizes or promotes 12 or more events throughout the year, you may submit a request to have the calendar installed.

The calendar plugin consists of a master calendar as well as individual posts for each event. With assistance from WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications, you can automatically show upcoming events on your homepage.

For each event you add to the calendar, you’ll create a separate post. You can also add recurring events; however, you cannot edit individual occurrences. All items in a series share the same information except the date. So if you have a weekly seminar but want the topic or speaker to change each week, you’ll need to enter those events individually.

Creating a new event

  1. Go the WordPress admin dashboard; in the left menu, click Events > Add New; or, from the top ribbon, click New > Event
  2. Enter the title/name of the event at the top; keep it brief but descriptive, and style all event titles the same (eg, consistent capitalization and other conventions)
  3. In the text editor box, insert event description following the directions for editing page content; it can include links and other text styles
  4. Complete the Event Details below the text editor field
    1. For Venue, click the dropdown arrow and selected a prepopulated location, or click the “+” to add a new venue. The Venue Name is the building and room number/auditorium; please complete all address fields.
    2. Leave Venue blank for deadlines and other events that don’t require a location.
  5. On the right side, select one or more categories; Poster Day deadlines, for example, would be 1) Deadlines and 2) Poster Day
  6. Click the blue Publish button