Adding Cards to the Homepage

This tool is not included on all WUSM Web Theme websites. Submit a request to Medical Public Affairs to add the card slider on your site.

Example of the card slider in action on, as viewed on a desktop

The card slider provides an additional building block for your homepage layout.

Feature relatively static content with strong visuals. Link through to key pages on your site that may not already appear in the main menu.

Tip: Put your most important content in the first card. Three cards show at a time on desktop but only one displays at a time on mobile.

Adding and editing cards

  1. Go to the homepage and click Edit Page in the black admin bar at the top of the page; or, from the Dashboard, go to Pages and click on the homepage.
  2. For each card, fill in the title, excerpt (optional) and link (optional).
  3. Add an image at the specified dimensions.
  4. To add additional cards, click the blue Add Card button.
  5. Click the blue Update button in the top right corner to save your changes.

Order, title and background color

  1. Go to Appearance > Front Page.
  2. Located the WUSM Card Slider Settings box.
  3. Add a label under Title of Section to appear above the row of cards (optional).
  4. Enter a number in the Position field to indicate where row of cards should appear relative to other homepage modules.
  5. Set the Background Color so all homepage modules have alternating colors.
  6. Click the blue Update button in the top right corner to save your changes.
  7. View the homepage to make sure everything looks good; if you return to make edits, be sure to click the blue Update button again.

Examples of websites using the card slider: