Adding New Pages

Adding a new page to a site involves not only entering the new page’s text, but also nesting the page in a logical place within the site’s existing content and menus.

Adding a new page

If you’re adding a whole new section to your site (ie, a parent page with sub-pages), read these instructions first. If you’re adding a page to an existing section, just follow the steps below.

  1. From the WordPress dashboard click Pages > Add New; or, from the top ribbon, click New > Page
  2. Enter a title
    If the title is long, you can click Left Navigation Menu above the text editor box to create a shortened version of the title for the left menu
  3. Add content to the large text editor box; see the editing pages tutorial for information about pasting text into WordPress, fixing formatting issues, as well as adding headings, links and other styles
  4. To make it a child/sub-page of an existing page, select the parent under Page Attributes on the right
  5. Add a photo if desired (recommended for all pages that appear in the site’s main menu)
  6. On the top right, you can Save Draft, Preview or Publish the page:
    1. Save Draft until it’s ready to publish
    2. Preview the page to view without saving/publishing your changes; the preview will open in a new tab
    3. Publish adds your page to the live site
  7. After publishing, check your work by clicking View Page in the top utility ribbon; you can toggle back to edit by clicking Edit Page in the top ribbon
  8. Add the new page to the site’s menus:
    1. If it’s a parent page, add it to the header or footer menu AND edit the mobile menu
    2. If it’s a child page, edit the order in the left menu

Creating a new section with multiple pages (parent page with child pages)

  1. Publish the parent page first, but do not add it to the site menu (this way it’s live, but you aren’t linking to it from anywhere)
  2. Publish the child pages, making sure to set the parent page under Page Attributes on the right
  3. After all child pages have been published and the section is “complete,” add the parent page to the site menu