Creating Forms

This tool is not included on all WUSM Web Theme websites. Submit a request to WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications to include forms on your site.

WUSM Web Theme sites with online fillable forms have a third-party tool, approved by WashU IT, installed called Gravity Forms. For example, the Contact Us form on this website was created in Gravity Forms.

We’ve pulled out some of their most useful tutorials from the Gravity Forms support documentation site and included them below.

To view additional forms tutorials or search for something specific, please visit the Gravity Forms documentation website.

Create a form

Before you can add a form to a page, you must create a form in the Dashboard of your site.

Add a form to a page

Once you’ve created a form, you can embed it on any page of your site.

Create an on-page confirmation message

When someone fills out a form on your site, it’s nice to give them an instant confirmation that their submission “went through.” The confirmation message appears on the page where the form was was located before the person clicked “Submit.”

Send notification emails

After someone fills out a form, it’s nice to send them an email “receipt” of their form submission. You can customize the notification email with a personal message, too, like “Thank you for submitting your request. If you have any additional suggestions, call us at 314-XXX-XXXX.”

Additionally, you can send a notification to yourself, or other admins, when a form submission is received, along with the contents of the filled out form. This prevents the need to constantly check your Dashboard for submissions.

View submissions in the Dashboard

Of course, you can always access your form submissions through the “Forms” section of your Dashboard. This is where you’ll go if you ever want to export all of your submissions as a batch.