Editing the Homepage

Your homepage may be the first impression some people have of your site, and even your group as a whole. See our guidelines for crafting a headline, description and button that make the most of this valuable space.

After making any changes, click “Preview” in the upper right (opens in new tab); when the edits are ready to be saved click “Update

On this page:

Headline and description

  1. Go to the homepage while logged into WordPress, then click “Edit Page” in the admin bar at the top.
  2. If your site is new, the title box will be pre-populated with default text (“Headline capturing the value or service…”). Replace the default text with your headline (74 characters max).
  3. In the large text editor box, replace the default text (“Briefly explain who you are…”) with your introductory text / description (273 characters max), following the general instructions for editing pages.


Use the button for your website’s most important call to action (if necessary, you may include up to three buttons on the homepage). Follow these guidelines creating for links and buttons.

  1. Click into the button text and select edit (pencil icon)
  2. Enter the URL/link address and the text for your call to action
  3. Click Update

Featured image

Replace the default featured image with a photo that serves your group’s goals for the website.

See the photo guidelines for image sizes, tutorials, and help planning a photoshoot.

You have two options for displaying the featured, or “banner,” image on the homepage: expanded and condensed.

Expanded view

If the “expanded view” is selected (default), your complete featured image shows in all its glory, uncovered by additional elements. Your site introduction and button are centered below the image.

This option is highly recommended for sites with an excellent homepage photo, as well as smaller sites without homepage modules like News or Events.

Homepage with expanded, full-width featured image

Condensed view

If the “condensed view” is selected, a transparent strip of black or white overlays the bottom portion of your featured image. Your site introduction and button are contained within this overlay.

  • The condensed view is recommended for websites with a clear and focused call-to-action, since the button appears higher on the page. It should be used only if the homepage includes additional content features, such as the news, events or multimedia modules.
  • This option is available only if the featured image is sized for “full-screen” (i.e., 1400 x 400 pixels).
  • The length of text in the headline and description determines how much of the overlay covers your image. More text means a taller overlay and less of your image showing.

Homepage with condensed, full-width (1440 x 400 pixels) featured image

Setting the display option

While editing your homepage, look for this box and select the desired display option.

Expanded: This option is selected by default and requires no additional steps.

Condensed: You’ll be prompted to choose either light or dark for the color overlay and to fill in the text and URL for your button.

  • Light or dark? Choose what looks best with your homepage image and makes it easiest to read the text. You can always preview what it looks like and change it.
  • Button: Enter the text that will show on the button and find the page it will link to in the drop-down menu. If there was a button in the main text box under the description, delete it.
  • Headline and description: Use the page title field and main content box to edit the headline and introductory text, the same as you would for the expanded view. (Just remember that the button is entered in a separate field.)

Additional content blocks

Beyond the featured image, headline, description and button, you can choose to feature additional types of content on the homepage.

  • News: Three most recent posts
  • Events: Three upcoming events
  • Multimedia: Large photo or video with text next to it
  • Card slider: Three or more “cards” that link to any page you set
  • Six-pack of cards: A grid of six images with text and links

To adjust the order and appearance of plugins on the homepage, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Front Page.