Getting Started

Logging in to WordPress

WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications will send you a link to your site’s login page. Use your WUSTL Key to log in. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to request that WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications give you Editor permissions; it’s necessary to log in before your permissions are upgraded.

To request access for additional Editors, contact WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications. To request a WUSTL Key guest account (for non-WashU team members), complete the assistance request form.

Navigating the admin options

After logging in you’ll see the dashboard with a summary of recent activity.

Use the left menu to find the content you’re editing. For example, click “Pages” to add or edit pages. Additional options, such as events, news or bios, depend on your site.

After logging into WordPress you’ll reach the dashboard. Editing options are listed on the left.

black admin bar also appears at the top of your website when you’re logged in (if you don’t see it, refresh the page):

  • Click the website name to toggle between the editor and public views.
  • Click Edit Page to update the page you’re viewing; when your changes are saved, click View Page to see how it looks.

When logged into WordPress, the admin bar at the top is the quickest way to reach the page editor.

Personalizing your settings

The first time you log into a WordPress site, your screen options will be set to the WordPress defaults. We recommend customizing these defaults right away. You’ll only have to do this once since all of your preferences will be saved.

Rearrange the modules / admin options

Most admin options in WordPress are included in modules – boxes that can be moved around on the screen, closed to save space, or hidden completely. These modules are on the main dashboard, as well as page and post editors.

Publish, Page Attributes and Featured Image are among the modules for the page editor.

A gray triangle in the top-right corner of a module indicates that it can be closed, moved or hidden.

Module options:

  • To close or open modules:
    Click the gray triangle in the upper right corner. Close rarely used modules that you don’t want to hide completely.
  • To move modules:
    Hover your mouse over the bar at the top of the module, then click to drag and drop to a new location. Move important modules higher on the page so they aren’t forgotten.
  • To hide or show modules:
    Click the Screen Options tab at the upper right of the page editor, then check/uncheck items to show or hide. Hide modules that you don’t need.

Show all text editor tools

The first time you edit a page in WordPress, the second row of editing tools will be hidden. To show these options, click the Toolbar Toggle button above the text editor box.

Turning on the Toolbar Toggle will show important editing tools, including paragraph options (subheadings) and the Paste as Text tool, which is necessary if you paste content from another source.