Adding Multimedia to the Homepage

This tool is not included on all WUSM Web Theme websites. Submit a request to WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications to add the multimedia module to your homepage.

The multimedia tool provides an additional building block for your homepage layout.

The Multimedia Module allows you to feature an image or video on the homepage. (Above) An image module is aligned right followed by a video module aligned left.

The multimedia tool can help you highlight important content – such as a service, training program, mission area or locations – by pairing text and an optional link with a photo or video on your homepage.

Images and videos can be stacked in rows, alternating left or right alignment.

Multimedia rows cannot be separated – so you cannot insert a row with a photo or video, then show another module like news or events, then insert another row with a photo or video.

Adding an image or video to the homepage

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, on the left click Appearance > Front Page
  2. Locate the box titled WUSM Multimedia Module
  3. Type in a Position number to indicate where the multimedia should appear on the homepage relative to other modules, i.e. 1 for first, 2 for second
    • If you don’t have any other homepage modules, type 1
  4. Click the blue Add Module button and choose Image or Video
  5. Fill in all fields following the helper text in the box
    • Title: Keep it short, only capitalizing the first word
    • Upload an image or video embed code at the specified dimensions
    • Alignment: Choose left or right; if adding multiple images or videos, consider alternating alignments to add visual interest
    • Excerpt (body text): Keep this brief enough so the length of the text block doesn’t go past the bottom of the image or video
    • Link text: What you want the link to say
    • Link: Where you want people to go when they click
  6. Adjust the background color so that it alternates with other modules. If you don’t have any other content blocks, you’ll want to choose white since the top of the homepage is grey.
  7. Click the Update button in the top right corner of the page.
  8. Visit the homepage to see how it looks. If you decide to make edits, be sure to click Update to save them.

Examples of websites using this tool: