WordPress Tips & Troubleshooting

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To enter a line break instead of a paragraph break

A line break (soft return) is useful when presenting contact information and other lines of text that do not need the full separation of a paragraph break (similar to a double space).

To insert a line break like this one:
shift + return

If unexplained spaces or formatting appear

You may need to edit the page code by toggling from the Visual to Text view (top right of text editor box).

If you copy and paste text from another source, such as a website, Word document or email, alien code will infiltrate your page and cause formatting or style issues. These may show up as unexplained spacing, background colors or line breaks, fonts or text colors that don’t match the rest of the site, or links that appear underlined or blue.

To prevent this code from infiltrating, before you paste the text, select the “Paste as text” option in the toolbar.


If it’s too late and the pasting deed is done, select and cut all text on the page (in Visual mode), select the “Paste as text tool,” then paste it into the text editor again. You will lose any links and styling, so to help you add them again, before cutting the text you can open a preview of the page in a new window. Then, after pasting as text, you can use the old version of the page as a guide to finding and correctly applying links, headings, bullets, etc.

If your changes are not appearing

If it appears your edits are not being saved – especially if the edit involved creating/deleting pages or uploading new files – your computer may be showing a cached version of the page. There are two different caches: The browser cache (on your computer) and the server cache. A previous version of a page or file can be stuck in either or both.

To check if this is the issue, clear your cache:

  • Browser cache: Switch to a different browser, or hit control + F5 (PC) or shift + refresh (Mac)
  • Server cache: Go to browser Settings > Cache Purge or follow these instructions

If your header menu doesn’t match your mobile menu

Whereas your header menu – which in desktop view is the horizontal list of main links across the top of your site – is managed in Appearance > Settings, the mobile menu is determined by the page order you set on Pages list (reach this list by clicking “Pages” in the left menu of WordPress). Follow this guide to editing your site menus.